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Today, Kinney Creek Brewery stands as a testament to Donovan’s vision and the collective efforts of a community united by their love for exceptional craft beer. With a taproom boasting an impressive array of over 30 craft beers, hard seltzers, sodas, teas and more, Kinney Creek Brewery continues to be a cherished cornerstone of Rochester’s thriving craft beer culture. 

Join us for a flight, a beer or two, pick up a growler, crowler, or perhaps come take a tour to see how we create our small batch fire-brewed beverages. You also might want to check out our ever-evolving events at Kinney Creek; whether it is the local music scene, organized events, community fundraisers, or our plain ol’ every day specials that are anything but plain.  We invite you to come and enjoy not only our beer, but also our welcoming, fun, and easy-going space.  


Kinney Creek Brewery opened its doors on December 7th, 2012, marking the dawn of a new era for Rochester’s craft beer scene. The brewery’s inception proved to be a pivotal moment in Rochester’s cultural landscape. Donovan, keenly attuned to the craft beer movement sweeping across Minnesota, recognized the need for further reforms to propel Rochester into the forefront of this flourishing industry. He was instrumental in encouraging the city to change the “Blue Collar” off-sale law, which prohibited selling craft beer after certain hours, as well as being able to purchase off-sale on Sundays. Kinney Creek was also the first production taproom in Rochester to serve made-to-order food such as Heggies and Firehouse Pizza. 

In Rochester, Minnesota’s history, there stands a remarkable chapter marked by the revival of a tradition long thought lost. In 1922, Rochester’s last production brewery was shut down due to the dark era known as The Prohibition. In 1933, Prohibition was repealed, yet the notion of brewing beer within city limits remained but a distant dream, construed by antiquated laws and stifling regulations. 

Donovan Seitz, a visionary with a fervent passion for craft beer, had a steadfast determination to rewrite the narrative. For two hand a half years, Donovan tirelessly championed the cause, engaging in relentless negotiations to overturn Rochester’s archaic alcohol laws. 

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