Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage are your seltzers?

All of our hard seltzers, teas, sodas, and cocktails are 5% ABV.

What are your seltzers made of?

All of our seltzers are BEER based. They are all GLUTEN FREE, lower carb, calorie and sugar count compared to their beer counterpart.

Where can I buy your seltzers?

Visit our FIND US page for a full list of locations offering our Med City Seltzers!

Which seltzer is the best?

All of them! :) All of our seltzers are true-to-flavor so it really comes down to your flavor profile. Ask our taproom staff for a sample so you can find your next favorite!

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Med City Seltzer


Minnesota's Hard Seltzer


Rochester's first craft brewery since Prohibition has done it again with a seltzer experience like no other - with TWICE the flavor and over 25+ varieties.


From classic favorites like Margarita, to innovative blends like CranApple Mule, there's a Med City Seltzer for every palate. Each sip is a journey into a world of flavor, where quality meets creativity.


In April 2020, we started our 12 oz can distribution. Now you can find Med City Hard Seltzer in liquor stores, restaurants, and bars near you!


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